(Self-)Love Across Lifetimes

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Awww, we LOVE each other! (The anti-Nazism posters below and the “TIME TO DANCE” banner above are a nice touch too.)


Maybe-strange but true: there’s a young woman I kept seeing in dreams and meditations for several years, and I eventually deduced that she was a WWII-era, past-life version of me. I have gathered that her name (or, at least, a name she used) was Maria. Over the years, I’ve occasionally done healing meditations to send support across time to, and make peace with, this spirit. Sometimes she feels like “me;” much of the time, instead, I reject the idea of identifying with her, “owning” her experiences, at all.

But one morning, a few weeks ago, I woke up inspired to do a meditation where I sent Maria some love. A few hours later, I took an uncommon detour on my walk home and found this sign: “MARIA  YOU 2.”

Well, that’s sweet. 😉

In all fairness, Maria is the German name for Mary, Mother of Jesus. This sign had everything to do with her and nothing to do with the Maria I’d connected with in meditation.

. . . or did it? 😉

More amusing still, when I stopped to take a photo of this, a man approached and started randomly talking to me about theater — and I had been reflecting in the preceding days (including that morning) on the “fact” that I’ve learned that this maybe-imaginary, past-life Maria had interests in acting and ties to people in theater and film.

The guy also randomly showed me a building down the street that used to be a headquarters for the SS. (I had NO idea; this was not in the part of town that served as the epicenter of Nazi terror.) So life wedged WWII into that conversation too.

There isn’t much more to say about this. Just. . . life is weird.

But know that your love. . . your love can reach anyone, anywhere, any time.

Love is the bridge between you and everything.


Laura left a Ph.D. program at age 26 to make good on long-forgotten dreams of nomad'ing and writing. She currently lives in Berlin and writes about the magic of everyday life — most especially, the magic we find when we open our hearts and choose to follow them.

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