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  • First of all, of course, if you like the content here and would like me to write an article or series of articles for your website or other publication, let’s talk!
  • When I’m not writing, my primary “day job” is as a copyeditor and writing coach. Primarily, I specialize in academic editing, but I also love helping other creatives with their own projects. Dissertations? Academic journal articles? Web pages? Personal essays? I can fix your mistakes and provide extremely detailed feedback to help you improve. If you’re interested in working with me, please visit my editing website here.
  • I also read tarot cards. At age 16, I was inspired to buy my first deck. I love working with the cards as a tool for personal reflection. In all moments, we are capable of creating new potentials in our lives, so I believe that readings should be empowering experiences that honor and remind us of our strengths and the wisdom of our hearts’ truth. If this philosophy resonates with you and you would like a reading, please visit my tarot shop — Breeze At Dawn Guidance — on Etsy!

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